eBay 19 Cleanup

2019 has already started, with some unused items ‘finding new homes‘! For anyone in Brisbane (for Collection), or Australia (for Postage) there are still items such as: tech, homesmart, wireless & rechargeable. Brands including Parrot, Belkin, Sony, Pioneer & others are listed.

If interested, please checkout anthonytony123.

More items will be added, as space is recovered & unused items revealed.

2019’s direction(s)

After the intense results of 2018, 2019 appears to be more extreme:

+ “Unknown” responses of my family redirecting their inability of resolutions see a ‘finger of blame’ against my ABI; Synapse

+ also related to my ABI is my 2nd NDIS Application rejection. As a result, I have suspended that Contract, until matters are resolved with Integrate Rehab. This is to avoid continuing payments, for unsuccessful outcomes;

+ Returns are expected (after delays with Phoenix Direct Management), allowing cautious entry into the bear market;

+ Scope of Child Sexual Abuse is widespread, within Private Schools & Church Institutions. More £$ continues being spent to silence the truths from becoming public knowledge; RoyalCommBBC

+ Further details have since developed re: my National Redress Scheme, which will be updated during 2019;

+ As early phases of Technologies-Government-Education-Businesses are evolving, IPO & ICO will also be released in 2019. Caution always needs to be shown, for those entering these forms of Trading; MoneySmart

‘Bringing it all together’ – Nov 17

  • In true ‘saving it to the end’ style, it seems only after many long-term duties had been achieved that the earlier goal of ‘bringing things together’ is finally being achieved. While I had been involved in numerous activities in 2017, it (again) seems that only till after October’s end (Halloween?)) that most of my ‘checklist’ has been completed can I honestly reflect. Here’s a sample of some of the images I have / plan to use by the end of 2017: (Circus – Politics; Apple Watch – eBay; Halloween – shared posts with @ChildCareInfo_; Icerberg image – used in posts of; #HarveyWeinstein – #sexualharassment etc Iceberg moment in Hollywood)

Images: (L-R, T-D) Circus – Politics; Apple Watch – eBay; Halloween – shared posts with @ChildCareInfo; Icerberg image – used in posts of; #HarveyWeinstein – #sexualharassment etc Iceberg moment in Hollywood

If PRISM doesn’t freak you out about cloud computing, maybe it should, says privacy expert

PRISM is a start, which this article begins with…


The PRISM data collection controversy should give businesses pause about adopting cloud computing, a data privacy expert told the U.K.’s House of Commons on Friday.

map of europeDuring a debate, Caspar Bowden, an independent data privacy consultant, said that the U.K. is “extremely exposed” because of the government’s close ties with the U.S. National Security Agency, according to this Techworld report. The agency gathers information (or metadata) about non-U.S. citizens from large American tech companies including Google(s goog) and Microsoft(s msft), a practice we know about because of Edward Snowden’s disclosures, although frankly the scope of NSA data collection was already tipped more than a year ago by three agency whistle blowers.

The issue was exacerbated by reports that Britain’s own Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has been tapping fiber-optic cable traffic and collecting data in a program code-named Tempora for the last year and a half, according to The Guardian. 

The one-two…

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