Talking about Trauma Services

Guide to conversations and screening for health and health and other service providers

Authors: Dr Cathy Kezelman & Pam Stavropoulus PhD

Publisher: Blue Knot (prev. ASCA)

Growing No. ‘secrets’ becoming known

Despite the ongoing ‘protections’ on majorily Private Schools, in Brisbane & NSW a trail is becoming publicly obvious. While the restrictions of precise details (exact financial details), the appalling frequency, habits, school swapping & institutional protections of reputation over public concern is becoming clearly known.

During the development of this site for Support for Students-Families-Victims of Perpetrators from BBC, in Brisbane Qld Australia, similar (hidden-concealed) histories of BG & GT are becoming more revealed. CSA Survivours, News, International Families & various others are becoming more concerned at what had been taken-for-granted in the shocking frequency of low SES, removed ecosystem & pre-adolescent child victims.

Success is being experienced, when past matters are legally confronted & help is available. The problem exists as a human behaviour, but security of our youth should be the community’s responsibility. Not the rights of the elite ONLY.

Royal Commission into Sexual Offences and our Information Brochure

Similar to the numerous ‘hidden truths’ of our past – this Royal Commission has International implications. Any relevant Findings will also be a start to addressing a major viewpoint of cultural beliefs of a matured adult over immature children. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is one point of these Hearings.

Melbourne Criminal Lawyers Blog

sexual-assault-lawyersWith the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, we expect there will be a vast and wide ranging impact on many individuals from various institutions in regards to historical sexual offences and the issues revolving around them.

Apparently more than five thousand people are preparing to present their stories of sexual abuse to the Royal Commission, while others have registered interest and it is to be expected that over the course of the inquiry, many more will want to contribute their own accounts.

This will result in a multitude of allegations directed at individuals within educational institutions; residential care facilities; sporting clubs; child care centres; State government agencies and departments including child protection and the police force; detention centres; juvenile justice centres; and of course, will include religious organisations including the Catholic Church. The inquiry will retrospectively encompass decades of historical sexual abuse claims.

While the instigation of this…

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