2019’s direction(s)

After the intense results of 2018, 2019 appears to be more extreme:

+ “Unknown” responses of my family redirecting their inability of resolutions see a ‘finger of blame’ against my ABI; Synapse

+ also related to my ABI is my 2nd NDIS Application rejection. As a result, I have suspended that Contract, until matters are resolved with Integrate Rehab. This is to avoid continuing payments, for unsuccessful outcomes;

+ Returns are expected (after delays with Phoenix Direct Management), allowing cautious entry into the bear market;

+ Scope of Child Sexual Abuse is widespread, within Private Schools & Church Institutions. More £$ continues being spent to silence the truths from becoming public knowledge; RoyalCommBBC

+ Further details have since developed re: my National Redress Scheme, which will be updated during 2019;

+ As early phases of Technologies-Government-Education-Businesses are evolving, IPO & ICO will also be released in 2019. Caution always needs to be shown, for those entering these forms of Trading; MoneySmart

Toxic Influences

From an eventful range of sessions attended since Easter 16, I’ve begun to  realise part of the family dynamics that had effected my so. Some of the accusations include:

  • scapegoating
  • bullying
  • personality disorders
  • narcissist, sociopath & narcissistic sociopath
  • dysfunctional family
  • baiting

As a result of various advice & research, it seems that contact with them will have to be ended.